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The Third Man

by | 20th, December 2004

‘WE don’t need ID cards to discover the identity of the so-called third man in the David Blunkett affair – his name’s Simon Hoggart.

Simon says…Kim’s game

The Independent reports that, at the time of her affair with the former Home Secretary, Kimberly Quinn was also having it off with Hoggart, the wine correspondent on the Spectator magazine.

Hoggart is perhaps better known as a columnist for the Guardian, and on its front page he says: ‘Contrary to the impression I gave…we did have a sexual relationship.’

(When confronted with the allegations just yesterday morning, Hoggart gave the impression that the News Of The World’s article was ‘vile’, ‘not true’ and that he was busy ‘consulting my lawyers’.)

This really is a day for solving mysteries. And the Times also has news of how over in the United States another case has been cracked.

We still do not fully know why ‘glib’ Donald Rumsfeld remains in a position of power as the US Defence Secretary, but we do know that he may not be in the job for too much longer.

The papers have yet to link Rumsfeld with the prolific Mrs Quinn, but they have found him guilty of using a machine to sign letters of condolence to families of American soldiers killed in Iraq.

Granted, 1,300 letters is a pamphlet-sized body of writing, but surely he should have stuck with his traditional duty and added his name to each letter by hand.

He did not, and now Rumsfeld’s latest gaffe is fuelling speculation that his days at the top are numbered.

Happily, it could soon be time for Rumsfeld to sign off – in person.’

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