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by | 20th, December 2004

‘SPORTING records were made to be broken – after all, that’s what we have steroids for.

‘Nice mullet, mate’

But what if you don’t fancy popping pills, injecting yourself or chomping on foods given to you by your lab-coated trainer? What hope then of achieving lasting fame on the track?

Well, the Times has seen the work by the Australian biotechnology firm, Genetic Technologies.

The company has created a DNA test which it says can see if a child possesses the genetic material to excel in sprinting, power sports or endurance events.

‘It’s not a test that says you are going to be a winner or a loser,’ says Professor Deon Venter, a director of the company. ‘It’s a test that appears… to head people into choosing the best event and in some cases the optimal sport.’

Could it be that Australians are realising, that however good they are at ball sports – cricket, rugby and running around in boob tubes and hotpants in game known as Aussie Rules – the rest of the world regards such pastimes as nothing more than curiosities?

Your thoughts on this vital matter would be most welcomeÂ…’

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