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by | 20th, December 2004

‘THE first Miss Artificial Beauty contest has proven to be big hit for Feng Qian, a 22-year-old from the north-eastern city of Jilin.

From 20 contestants aged 17 to 62 in the ‘man-made beauty’ pageant at a Beijing opera house, Qian was selected the winner.

Feng Qian has undergone surgery for four procedures that added a fold to her eyelids, liposuctioned fat from her belly, reshaped her cheeks, and injected botox to alter her facial muscles.

Feng, wearing a flowing gold evening gown and an oddly fixed smile on her text-book face, was delighted. ‘I hope this pageant will give a positive sign to the public,’ she said.

Runner-up Zhang Shuang, 22, from the southern city of Changsha, underwent 10 procedures, including fixing her eyelids, nose, ears, breasts and upper and lower jaw as well as “softening her skin” and removing body hair.

The pageant came about after a contestant in a regular beauty contest earlier in the year was disqualified after she was found to have had surgery to improve her looks.’

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