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Putting On A Brave Front

by | 20th, December 2004

‘NO-ONE could accuse Kerry McPadding of having anything other than a fascinating life – so we’re happy to indulge her while she gives us a first-hand account of her recent ‘car crash drama’.

‘And this is the library…’

‘Last week, I was involved in an accident in my new car,’ the woman who comes fitted with twin airbags tells the readers of her OK! column.

‘I wasn’t driving at the time, but we were just 17 miles outside Warrington when it happened. It was nobody’s fault.

‘I had Molly in the car, so it gave me a bit of a shake. Thankfully, everybody was fine and there wasn’t a scratch on my car. I’m glad everyone was okay.’

And so are we, not least because once she has recovered from the shock we can see Kerry turning this riveting real-life drama into the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Certainly, our heroine has her sights set on Tinseltown.

‘If I got an offer to go, I would,’ she says – a declaration that will no doubt have Hollywood’s top agents falling over themselves to sign her up.

‘I’m not going to have anything holding me back anymore.’

Had it not been for her multi-millionaire pop star husband, her blonde hair and huge boobs, who knows what Kerry might have achieved by now…

After all, having blonde hair and huge boobs has proved a real drag on Jennifer Ellison’s career.

The 21-year-old Liverpool lovely is certainly at pains to keep her chest under wraps as she invites OK! into the ‘swish’ London pad she shares with fiancé Tony Richardson.

Indeed, it’s only when she gets to the bathroom that Jen suddenly feels the need to tear her clothes off and slip into a pretty pink bikini she carries around for such occasions.

Not that the bathroom is a stranger to such attire – its previous occupant would often be seen splashing around in the Jacuzzi wearing only a pair of red swimming trunks.

‘It was the flat where David Hasselhoff stayed while he was playing Billy Flynn in Chicago,’ Jen reveals.

But presumably not the flat where The Hoff practised his singing. After all, the walls all appear to be still standing…’

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