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Confidence Trick

by | 20th, December 2004

‘WHILE Gary Lucy can still get Abi Titmuss to turn up at his birthday party, he knows that there is still some life still left in his celebrity career.

‘The one thing I have confidence in is my talent as an author…’

Only when Abi finds herself washing her hair should he cut his losses and apply for a job as the estate agent he was always destined to be.

And maybe then he can sell a house to an unemployed fashion designer called Victoria Beckham.

The artist formerly known as Posh may thankfully have called time on her music career, but she’s not ready yet to devote herself to her property portfolio.

She is busy laying the foundations of a career in an industry even more vacuous than music.

‘I’m liking taking a back seat and being less of a celebrity and more of a brain,’ she says.

‘Fashion is the one thing I feel confident about because I probably know more about it than anything else.’

The one thing you feel confident about, Victoria?

We thought you were also confident that husband David never had an affair with his pig-pleasuring PA, Rebecca Loos…’

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