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Behind The Mask

by | 21st, December 2004

‘IF he’s not dead already, then if Osama bin Laden is hiding out in Costa Rica, he might soon be.

For on that sin-kissed island lives Leonel Arias, 47, who is in possession of an interesting sense of humour and an Osama Bin Laden mask. And he thought the time was ripe to combine the two.

So, Arias pulled on the mask, picked up a pellet gun and jumped out into a narrow street to scare passing drivers in Carrizal de Alajuela.

All was gong hilariously well until he jumped out in front of a taxi driver by the name of Juan Pablo Sandoval.

Angry at what he saw, Sandoval reached for his own gun – a real one – and shot Osama twice in the stomach.

Arias is in a stable condition in hospital.

Osama bin Laden is missing…

The Wall Game’

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