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Bare Trap

by | 22nd, December 2004

‘IT would be hard to mistake the ubiquitous Jennifer Ellison for anything other than the busty blonde Scouse girl she is.

Hair and body by Photoshop

For the removal of any doubt, the former Brookside babe is usually to be seen posing in her underwear or an ill-fitting bikini.

However, she draws the line at posing nude – and, says the Mirror, is furious that men’s magazine Maxim has apparently airbrushed shots of her to make her appear so.

“JENN NAKED!” screams the magazine’s front cover beside a picture of Ms Ellison tastefully covering her more private of private parts.

“I’m fuming,” she says. “What they have done is take the bikini off me and made a whole new centrepiece of my body. They’ve just airbrushed the whole thing out.”

What is more, Jen is not happy with the naked flesh so exposed.

“It’s awful – they’re not my boobs either.”

And she should know – she paid good money for them…’

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