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Publish And Be Damned

by | 23rd, December 2004

‘KIMBERLY Quinn may have a man in every port (and a few inland to boot), but the Spectator publisher is not subject to Naval regulations.

‘Seven figures? There were far more than that’

And if she wants to boast about her sexual conquests and performance between the sheets in a book, she is perfectly free to do so.

What is more, she is likely to receive a seven-figure sum for spilling the beans on her affairs with ex-Home Secretary David Blunkett, Guardian columnist Simon Hoggart and others.

The Mail claims the 44-year-old American has kept a detailed record of her three-year relationship with Blunkett and friends say its publication could bang the final nail into the coffin of his political career.

‘Her camp are encouraging her to pull the trigger,’ a friend says. ‘She is aware that she might hurt herself further by doing this, but what more can Blunkett throw at her?’

Cuckolded husband Stephen Quinn, however, insists that his wife has no intention of going into print.

‘She kept no diary, she took no notes, she has no tapes,’ he said. ‘She will never publish anything about this. It would bring humiliation on me, on Kimberly, on the children.

‘I could think of nothing more despicable.’

Expect the book to hit the shops, then, in about April next year…’

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