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Cheek By Jowell

by | 23rd, December 2004

‘THE National Registry of Friendly Societies aren’t the only people with a low tolerance of meaningless language.

‘And the award for talking the biggest load of bollocks goes to…’

The Telegraph brings news that culture secretary Tessa Jowell keeps a ‘little book’ in which she notes down examples of incomprehensible jargon used by government ministers.

Ms Jowell herself is bracingly forthright. ‘I have what I call a bollocks list,’ she says. ‘I write down some of the absurd language that we use – and we are all guilty of this, myself included.’

Examples include ‘reprofiling expenditure’, ‘regional cultural data feedback rollout’, ‘strategic objectives for evaluation’ and ‘weaning the profile’.

Jowell believes that this sort of thing means nothing to ordinary people, and so it is appropriate that she is one of the prime movers behind Labour’s self-styled ‘Big Conversation’ – a consultation exercise with the general public.

The paper quotes her as saying that a Labour third term ‘should build a new kind of politics which is less about confrontation, worrying less about today’s headlines, worrying more about the continued dialogue with the people we serve’.

At last, a victory for clear thinking and plain speaking.’

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