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Lost At C-List

by | 5th, January 2005

‘ANTHEA Turner is back!

Are we in for another Marathon session with our favourite Topic?

Of course, she never went away – just like many other stars who have stepped back from the limelight, our Anthea has been concentrating on her property portfolio for the past months.

But now with the housing market no longer front-page news and Anthea assured in her choice of modular lounge furniture and rag-roll, she’s gone back to what she best at: being Anthea.

But before she can be TV’s golden girl once more, she must first get that golden tan and thereby attract the attention of the Anthea-hungry press.

So, there is bronzed Anthea in the Mail, showing off her £3,000 enhanced figure on a beach in sun-kissed Mauritius.

And what’s that in her hands? No, it’s not the delectable Grant Bovey or even an indelible orange trace of her man, but rather a book entitled Diary Of A C-List Celeb.

Not only does the Mail think the book’s plot worthy of a précis, but it also gives its readers a potted history of the life and times of La Turner.

In case anyone has forgotten, the Mail’s Page 3 is given over to that romantic tale of how Turner left her husband Peter Powell to be with Bovey, who “vacillated between her and his wife Della, the mother of his three children”.

The Mail need not have bothered – we all know the plot verbatim.

We can no more forget “sad Della” than we can erase from our minds the image of Bovey and Turner eating chocolate at their OK!-sponsored wedding.

Wisely, the Sun realises this and just has a picture of Anthea, her book, a suggestion of her improved cleavage and the headline: “THAT YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY, ANTHEA?”

The answer is, “No, it is not”. We know her autobiography to be entitled Fools Rush In, a book which because of unprecedented demand is now temporarily out of stock in most good book shops.

And horribly hard to find in the bad ones…’

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