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An Ideal Husband

by | 6th, January 2005

‘VINKA Mijovic, 32, from Garas, Serbia did not want much from her husband. All he had to be was to a) be a man and b) be with her. Oh, and if he had a few quid to spare, so much the better.

And wealthy Miodrag Tomovic, 68, fitted the bill. He would never complain. He would never leave her. He would never even raise his voice in anger.

Mijovic had to have him. So she bribed a local registrar to sign a marriage certificate saying the couple had both turned up for the wedding, and bribed two friends to be the best man and a witness to the fake event

She had to bride them because her man had gone and died before he could be taken up the aisle.

She kept the death a secret for two weeks before suddenly announcing it and organising a lawyer to get his fortune turned over to her.

But the scam was exposed after relatives complained to police and the dead man’s signature was found to have been forged.

She’s now been jailed for 18 months.’

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