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by | 6th, January 2005

‘THE Mirror’s news that a David Beckham stalker has been jailed for seven months fills us with a sense of relief.

Rumours are that the stalker has now followed Day-vid to Madrid

It’s just a wonder that it took so long to apprehend the parasite who has so often been seen hanging off the great man’s neck like some irritating tick.

And a surprise that this ne’er-do-well’s name is John Hennigan – an odd name indeed for someone with long black hair and almost unnaturally pert breasts.

But no sooner has one been taken down than another rises to have a go at toppling the Beckhams off their gilded perch.

The Star says that Mel B, aka Scary Spice, has singed a deal to write a book in which she will “take revenge” on her former Girl Power playmates Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, and Victoria Beckham, aka John Hennigan.

But while Mel and her publishers talk the book up, we wonder if it’s really necessary to bother trying to embarrass the two former Spices.

Posh and Ginge seem to have pretty thick skins – a character trait varnished by lashings of make-up and tanning lotion. Their skin is the toughest substance known to man or woman.

Just take a look at the Mirror, where the news is of Geri’s first-ever solo tour of the UK.

Even singing lessons and an operation to remove nodules from her throat have failed to improve Geri’s chances of filling any of the 13 dates.

So far none of the venues has sold out, despite the tickets going on sale a month ago.

Such salubrious meccas of musical entertainment as Doncaster’s Dome and Aberdeen’s Press & Journal Arena will not be packed to the rafters.

But ever the pro, Geri will play on regardless to her audience of mocking former Spice Girls…’

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