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The Fall Of David

by | 6th, January 2005

‘HAD you shouted out “David” in a school playground 30 or 40 years ago, the chances are that several boys would have turned round.

Keira would like to be known as the more exotic Susan from now on

The blind bearded boy in the corner may have carried on fondling Kimberly, the American exchange student, but all the other Davids would have snapped to attention.

But David – like our former Home Secretary – is no longer as popular as it once was and last year it slipped out of the Top 50 most popular boys’ names for the first time.

Even in 1984, the Telegraph says, it was the third most popular name, but dropped out of the Top 20 a decade later and is now ranked a lowly 56th.

Its popularity is, it seems, going down faster than a certain England football captain of the same name.

But, while the Telegraph reports that parents are increasingly turning to the cinema for inspiration when they come to name their kids (with a big increase in Keiras, Siennas, Scarletts and even Ashtons), most of the top names are still quite traditional.

Indeed, while David may be on the slide, other Old Testament names are riding high.

Joshua, for instance, is the second most popular boys’ name (behind Jack), with Daniel, Samuel, Benjamin and Joseph all making the Top 10.

Noah is also popular, although the likes of Jehosephat, Methuselah and Abednego haven’t really caught on yet.’

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