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Desperate Stuff

by | 7th, January 2005

‘WHO needs news when you have TV?

The women that launched a thousand features

Not the papers, which having already shown their obsession with soap and reality telly now cast their eyes on the happenings along Wisteria Lane.

For those of you not in the know, that’s where the Desperate Housewives live, and, judging by the slew of stories in today’s papers, where desperate journalists work.

There’s one desperate hack in the Mirror, a Damien Fletcher, who, in a piece entitled “We’ll Never Get That Desperate”, finds the “REAL” housewives on that famous street.

Unlike their American counterparts, these girls are most certainly real, something less than buffed and dressed not in suspenders and tanning cream but anoraks, cardigowns and George at Asda.

And if you don’t care much for them, there are some more in the Mail, where “DESPERATE (BRITISH) HOUSEWIVES” talk to another desperate journalist about their “uncanny resemblance to the fictional characters”.

For “uncanny” read “nothing remotely like”, because although Charlotte, Annie, Wendy, Julia and Sharon are women, their apparent desperation seems to centre on a desire to appear in print rather than in the pool boy’s hammock.

They’re more like the Sun’s batch of desperate housewives, who, like those in the Mirror, live in Wisteria Lane and wear bad clothes and unkempt hair.

Expect a reality TV show about them some time soon…’

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