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Pink Britain

by | 7th, January 2005

‘BRITAIN, by contrast, is a mecca for visitors from all four corners of the globe, attracted by our great weather, our great cuisine and our Royal Family.

What happened next?

But it is not the Queen (singular) who is packing them in these days, but the queens (plural), according to a report in this morning’s Times.

It says that VisitBritain, the organisation that used to be called the British Tourist Authority, is trying to sell the UK as the ultimate gay destination.

Referring to the United Queendom of Great Britain, a section on its website boasts of our “proud gay history, cutting-edge culture and fashion, flamboyant cities and pulsating lifestyle”.

The cliché-ridden language – “We’re all counting the days until a union with Jack under the Union Jack becomes more than just a dream” – may have annoyed gay groups.

But VisitBritain is pulling out all the stops to try to get visitors to change their pink euros and pink dollars for pink pounds.

“When Pop Idol took over global TV screens,” it says, “which country voted for its first gay winner? You guessed it: Great Britain.

“Awash with rainbow pride, Britain is a nation of excitement, history, talent and understanding. Hell, we’ve even had a gay king (or perhaps we should have called him queen) way back in the 13th Century.”

Yes, and what happened him? He was killed by having a red hot poker shoved up his arse…’

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