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Sex In A Bottle

by | 7th, January 2005

‘AS anyone who has ever asked for a Slow Comfortable Screw or a Sex On The Beach cocktail will know, sex has long been used to sell otherwise unpalatable alcoholic drinks.

‘Pint of Widdecombe’s Wicked Way, barman’

But the trend, says the Guardian, has become so blatant in recent years that the industry is starting to crack down.

Last year, apparently, the panel that assesses complaints about the marketing of alcoholic drinks, upheld all but one complaint about inappropriately named beverages.

Among them were Krush’s frozen alcoholic cocktails called Pink Pussy, Screaming Orgasm and Shag, phallic-shaped shots named things like Foreplay and Blow Job, as well as vodka tube drinks called Love Juice and Wet ‘n’ Wild.

All were rebranded or withdrawn.

However, the panel chairman Lord Condon complained that he had no jurisdiction over drinks made in pubs and bars.

“It seems inconsistent to us that a prepackaged drink with a particular name offends against the Portman Group code of practice and must be withdrawn, yet a made-to-order cocktail with the same name can be promoted and sold.”

Inconsistent it may be, but until the law is tightened we expect sales of our Drink This And You’ll Get To Shag The Best-Looking Girl In The Room to continue to soar…’

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