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by | 10th, January 2005

‘RUMOURS abound that a portrait of Old Mr Anorak that hangs in his private gallery – along with Shergar’s head, the Holy Grail and Lord Lucan’s moustache – was taken in Las Vegas.

At the last Anorak Christmas party

Looking young and virile, Old Mr Anorak sports a jet black coif, a thrusting pelvis and a sneer.

And today some of that old magic returned, as from the hidden splendour of his rooms, we who toil in the dungeon beneath heard the syncopated rhythms of Jailhouse Rock.

Indeed, the Times says, that song has just made it to the top of the charts, giving the singer popularly known as Elvis his 19th chart-topper and his 999th No. 1 single.

While Cliff Richard splashes on the embalming fluid and looks on with envy, the paper says that Elvis will today release his record One Night, which could well give him his 1,000th smash hit.

Not that he’ll be around to celebrate his success, of course, what with him being dead. Or at least resting in Old Mr Anorak’s hermetically sealed Jungle Room…’

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