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Recipe For Disaster

by | 11th, January 2005

‘CHEER up, Gordon Brown, it may never happen.

”Of course I’ll step down…and look – a flying pig”

The dour Scot, who punctuates each oration with fish-like gasps for air, looks less likely by the day to achieve his dream of being Tony Blair’s successor in a seamless transition of power.

The Times says that Downing Street might have ”shrugged off” reports that Brown once told Blair ”There is nothing you could say to me now that I could believe”, but mud sticks.

As does sticky toffee pudding, sticky rice and whatever else constitutes a menu when Blair and Brown meet to discuss what has and what has not been promised.

According to the much-hyped Brown’s Britain, Robert Peston’s biography of the Chancellor, Gordon did tell Tony that he no longer trusts him, and has been telling him more besides at what have been termed ”family therapy dinners”.

After the famed Brown-Blair Granita restaurant deal and the Brown-Prescott Loch Fyne ”Oyster Summit”, we now have three-way soirees hosted by John Prescott.

Perhaps it is hoped that the veiled threat of physical violence at Prezza’s hands will keep the two politicos in line.

Perhaps, on seeing Deputy PM Prescott in action, it’s thought that Blair and Brown will swiftly realise how much worse things could be.

But while Prescott bamboozles his guests with his unique grasp on the English language and a workmanlike grip on his knife and fork, the electorate looks on.

And, according to the Independent’s poll, more of us want Brown to be leader of the Labour party and, given the vapid nature of the Opposition parties, so too the country.

No fewer than 31% of those polled said they’d vote Labour if Brown were leader, compared to 23% who expressed a preference for Blair.

And nine out of ten diners also said they’d go for the guppy fish over the spring lamb…’

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