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Having A Ball

by | 12th, January 2005

‘REVENGE is a dish best served cold and, if Kerry McFadden is looking to get her own back on her cheating husband, then she should follow the example of Mandy Monti.

”How many balls will Brian have in a couple of minutes?”

The jilted blonde was so furious when her 37-year-old boyfriend called time on their relationship that she ripped his balls off – literally.

Monti, who yesterday admitted unlawfully wounding, attacked Jeffrey Jones after he refused to have sex with her.

”A struggle broke out before she was eventually ushered from the house,” Judge Charles James told Liverpool Crown Court.

”She got back in and the couple began wrestling on the ground. She ripped off his shorts and pulled very hard on his left genital leaving him in excruciating pain.”

A drunken party guest found the severed testicle and returned it to Mr Jones with the word: ”Is this yours, mate?”

However, says the Star, doctors were not able to reattach it.

Last night, Professor Nick James, of Birmingham University School of Medicine, said it would have taken ”an almighty feat of strength” to tear off a human testicle.

Time to sharpen your nails and get down to the gym, we think, Kerry…’

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