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4×4 The Sake Of The Children

by | 12th, January 2005

‘WE’D like to make a correction to our first story – young Jake does not ride a rocking horse, but instead spends much of his life seated inside the tank-like majesty of his mum’s reassuringly enormous 4×4 jeep.


Yesterday, however, something went wrong.

Instead of mounting the kerb and driving over other children, Filipino nannies and cyclists as mum ploughed on through the school run, the waxed and buffed tank was forced to stop.

It was 8:50 in Hampstead, that prosperous enclave of north-west London, and Jake had been making fine progress.

As the Independent reports, all was normal. The off-road state-of-the-art land cruiser with bull bars, optional mace spray/windscreen washers and gun turret was going well.

But then disaster. A man dressed as a lollipop attendant steps sportingly into the vehicle’s path. ”Stop urban 4x4s,” demands the message on his stick.

”Why do you need such a big car to take you child to school?” he asks Jake’s mum as she hastily winds up her window.

Others now surround the car. And for a moment Jake and mum are in a war zone and their military ride is under attack.

”Look at that monster. It’s a leather-lined Merc with one child perched in the back. It’s probably never going to go off road in its life,” says Laura MacKenzie, one of the protestors.

But how wrong can one woman be? Mum will go off-road. Indeed, today she will go off-road and on-protestor.

And with barely a hint of danger, a switch is flicked and mum is able to move on over what she calls ”the sleeping lollipop man”…’

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