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The Fame Game

by | 12th, January 2005

‘BECOMING a celebrity is easy; remaining a celebrity, however, is an altogether trickier proposition.

A star is born

It takes the kind of talent, willpower and thirst for publicity that is denied to most of us mere mortals.

Take Jade Goody, for instance, the kebab-guzzling, breast-baring, PJ-BJ star of Big Brother 3.

We look on in amazement as Jade again graces the cover of OK! magazine to share with us the exclusive details of her ”amazing two-stone weight loss”.

And we ask ourselves the question: how does she do it?

No, not how a girl with such a tenuous grasp of geography manages to find herself centre stage, while the likes of Posh & Becks and Brad & Jen kick their heels in the wings.

That’s nothing that a new baby, a new boyfriend or even a new hairstyle couldn’t do.

The question is how Jade manages to lose two stone every other month without fading away completely.

True, she was quite a bulky lass when she first filled our TV screens, but by our calculations the combined weight loss of her various appearances on the cover of Britain’s favourite celebrity magazine means she should now weigh MINUS 12 stone.

So, what’s her secret?

Well, such is Jade’s desire to remain on top of the celebrity tree that in between OK! shoots she will fly herself off to Japan where she is trained by an okayata in the art of eating like a sumo wrestler.

For seven weeks at a time, Jade will eat upwards of 8,000 calories a day, during which period her weight balloons to Feltzian proportions.

She then returns to England, skips breakfast for a couple of days and – hey presto! – an amazing two-stone weight loss and another OK! cover story.

But 11-stone Jade’s not finished there.

”I’d really like to try colonic irrigation,” she says, ”because someone told me that you can drop a stone in one go. If you can lose a stone at a time, I’m going to have one every day.”

Even better – we at Anorak will pay for the first, say, 11…’

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