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Heil Harry!

by | 13th, January 2005

BRITNEY Spears may be gutted to have lost her crown as the world’s Worst Dressed Woman to Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan – but there’’s no contest for the title of Worst Dressed Man.

Prince Harry last night sparked a predictable storm of outrage after he attended a friend’s birthday party wearing a Nazi uniform.

As if waving a red rag to the tabloid bull, Prince Charles’s youngest son turned up to the party in West Littleton, Wiltshire, wearing a swastika and desert uniform of Rommel’s Afrika Corps.

Predictably, some desert rat at the party took a picture of the 20-year-old prince in said outfit and sold it to the Sun, which emblazons it across its front page.

“What on earth was Harry thinking of?” asks one suddenly very rich party-goer. “A senior Royal dressing up as a Nazi for a laugh.

“If that is his idea of a joke, it went down like a lead balloon with many. There are a lot of old soldiers who will see these photos of Harry and be outraged.”

No-one more so than the Royal Family itself, which (as any student of 20th Century history will know) won the war almost single-handedly.

“His great-grandmother, the Queen Mum, will be turning in her grave,” shrieks the Sun.

“With King George VI, she defied Nazi bombs during the Blitz and inspired this country to defeat Hilter’s evil Reich.”

Of course, what it forgets to mention is that Prince Harry’s “astonishing Nazi gaffe” has Royal pedigree.

Not only is his family of good German stock, but his great-great-uncle Dickie (or King Edward VIII, as he briefly was) was a well-known Nazi sympathiser.

And, far from King George VI and the Queen Mum remaining in London through the Blitz (as the Sun’s version of history claims), they were spirited away to the safety of the country every evening and brought back in the morning to inspect the devastation the Luftwaffe had wrought.’

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