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Talking Through His Hat

by | 13th, January 2005

‘PRINCE Harry may or may not have had help in his art A-level piece entitled Auschwitz – A Royal Knockout, but does anyone really think that David Beckham can speak Spanish unaided?

”Fastnet. North to North-East 4…”

The Mail is certainly not alone in wondering why the England captain wore a beanie to the Press conference at which he uttered his first public words in his new tongue.

Not that his performance in front of waiting hacks was any more impressive than his recent performances on the pitch.

“It’s erm la partido con Atletis, er, er, er, was mucho major para todos jugadores,” he said. “Er, er, er, tenemos, um, siete puntos, er, er, er, mucho major para todos jugadores.”

But even that stumbling effort has raised suspicions that he may have had a little help.

The Mail suggests that “his woolly hat may have been used to conceal a tiny microphone and earpiece which connected him to a hidden Spanish speaker who helped him with his answers.”

“When he scratched his head,” one person who was at the press conference said, “people were laughing that he may have been adjusting a covert microphone because he immediately proceeded to speak a couple of sentences fluently.”

However, a Spanish journalist tells the Sun that Real Madrid fans will love him for trying to speak their language.

And so we offer Becks our very own instant Test Message Translator.

“Me gusto el sonido del algodon *** *** *** ***** haciendo se mas *** y tu *** todo agradable *** ***.

Or “Love the sound of that cotton just *** *** *** ***** getting more *** and your *** all nice *** ***.”’

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