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A Law Unto Themselves

by | 13th, January 2005

‘“BEING well connected is as useful as ever,” says the Times.

Euan Blair looked a picture in mum’s old wig

And it’s right. We’ve already seen how, thanks to knowing his mum, Mark Thatcher was able to tap Maggie for £165,000 to secure his bail from the South African penal system.

And now we see by way of a graph how useful it is to be in the company of Tony Blair, who sits atop a family tree-style chart.

The reason for this return to the theme of Tony’s cronyism is the appointment of a certain Lord Justice Potter as the president of the High Court’s Family Division.

This is one of the four most senior judicial posts, and will always go to the man or woman – Potter replaces Dame Butler-Sloss – with the top credentials.

Or, as it turns out, the person Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor – or Charlie as Tony knew him when they shared a flat – was taught by when he was learning the law.

Of course, Potter may be the best man for the job – just as Lord Irving of Laird, Blair’s old pupil master, might have been when he was made Lord Chancellor.

But the Times says that this is not the consensus within the judiciary and the appointment of Charlie’s old mucker has “caused disbelief among senior judges”.

However, Falconer believes his man is the best man for the job. And in “Falconer Mentor To Head Family Court”, he says just that of dear old Mark.

Despite “having little experience of the family courts”, as the Times puts it, Sir Mark Potter’s knowledge of the law is superb.

He’s thought to be an expert in laws like “Any friend of Tony’s is a friend of mine”, “You must always look after your own” and “There’s one law for you and another job in the law for me…”’

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