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by | 14th, January 2005

‘“COME to Southampton,” said the glossy brochure. “Start your cruise by seeing where the Titanic sailed from. It’ll be great!”

”And to starboard you’ll see a girl puking her guts up…”

But as with so many trips, the planning is so much more fun that the arriving. And for the 1,792 passengers aboard the Aurora, Southampton has been something of a disappointment.

Passengers like John Miller, who, the Times reports, spent £44,000 on a luxury 103-day cruise on the splendid boat.

He had hoped to be passing his days on a tour of the world’s duty free ports, but has been left stranded in dock by an engine failure that has rendered his craft unfit for voyage.

But while waiting for the engineers to remedy the problem, the owners of the ship are administering free booze to those passengers who have chosen to remain on board.

“Most people are very happy,” says passenger John Withnall. “There have been a few grumbles, but on the whole everyone is pleased and we have free dinks.”

Good on them! That’s the spirit. It may not be Catfish Bay, Bora Bora or Honolulu they can see from the poop deck, but Southampton has many exotic sights of its own.

For the flavour of India, why not try the Bengal Brasserie, grab a slice of authentic-styled Americana at Mustang Sally’s diner or stagger to La Margherita for some Mediterranean treats?

Southampton has so much more to offer than free dinks.

And if you have a few of those sundowners too many, you can live like a local and join in the weekly running fight that is the town centre…’

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