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Mother Superior

by | 17th, January 2005

‘WITH the monarchy in such a sorry state, Her Majesty might like to consider creating a new heir.

”Now where did I leave that baby…?”

Charles is as popular with the general public as a Nazi at a fancy dress party, William’s soppy grin is entirely unsuited to stamps and coins and Harry is too stupid to know where to put the crown.

And with the Queen’s own children all good for nothing, the temptation is there to cull the lot in a horse and hounds chase and start again.

And the good news is that this regeneration programme won’t even need Phil’s input, for Liz can do as Adriana Iliescu has done and use anonymously donated sperm to become the world’s oldest new mother at 66 years of age.

As the Express reports, Iliescu had originally been expecting triplets, but one died after two and a half months, another also died in the womb, leaving the third, a girl called Eliza Maria, to be born into history.

Although delivered six weeks premature by caesarean section, the 3lb baby is said to be in perfect health. As is her mother.

“Nothing can describe how happy I feel,” says mum. She goes on: “A woman who has not had a child has not led a complete life. One of the reasons for being on Earth is to give birth.”

Another is for the Queen to provide her country with an heir.

So, come on Liz, the job is there to be done, the record is there to be broken.

If you can get a decent donor – James Hewitt and Will Carling are just two of your many options – Britain can once again be proud of the Windsors…’

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