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Busting Up

by | 17th, January 2005

‘WHEN Busted said they’d be around in the year 3000, we believed them.

A face only a desperate wannabe could love

Sure, only Cliff Richard would be there to applaud their longevity, but with their amazing talent, they would be rocking the crowds well into the next millennia.

But then they split up. We who’d bought tickets for Wembley 3005 were disappointed, and a little angry.

But our dark mood is mollified by today’s news that the band’s James Bourne has now been dumped by his girlfriend, Kara Tointon.

James – he’s the one with the sarcastic expression permanently writ across his fishy face – was dumped over the phone.

The story goes that at first he was upset but, on hearing why the actress chucked him, he became furious – she dumped him because he was no longer in the band and she therefore no longer had any use of him.

But if James wants a new career, he seems entirely suited to the job of sperm donating. And with the Queen possibly looking to breed, he might yet see his star rise again.’

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