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by | 17th, January 2005

‘TONY Blair might be grinning at the prospect of killing off the Tory party once and for good, but as it dies another party rises from the ashes to challenge his supremacy.

Also available in orange

And at its head, bathed in an orange glow, is Robert Kilroy-Silk.

The Telegraph says the Arab-loving former TV talkshow host is planning to quit the UK independence Party and form his own organisation, called Veritas (Latin for truth).

His supporters say that only the promise of a leadership contest would persuade the MEP for East Midlands to change his mind – something UKIP has already ruled out.

The Telegraph says Veritas will seek to take advantage of what Kilroy believes is growing disillusionment with the main parties.

It will campaign for withdrawal from the European Union, but also include policies on law and order, immigration and tax.

But most of all it will be a vehicle for another Latin word – Kilroy’s monumental ego.’

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