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Golden Years

by | 18th, January 2005

‘ONE man who did escape from these shores is David Beckham.

”I want to be alone”

What then happened to the man who was deported from Manchester United to Spain by his then owners has for some time been the stuff of rumour and urban legend.

Did he really date a girl who pleasured a pig on the telly? Did he really cheat on his multi-talented wife? Did he really get a revolting, huge green tattoo on his neck?

So much has been written about the one who got away that it’s high time the Mirror got on the case and discovered the truth. And in the paper’s front-page story (“BECKHAM: NO REGRETS”) that’s what we’re going to get.

Inside the paper, the story has changed to “BECKS: THE TRUTH”, but the impact is still nothing less than sensational as we hear what happened to the nice man we once adored.

“I’m not addicted to fame,” says he over a double-page spread. “There are times when I wish to be left alone. But I’m in this life and nothing is going to change.”

Only just as soon as his playing carer ends, surely it will change. Everything changes. Day-vid’s hair changes. His PA changes. Even his tattoos will one day start to sag a little.

But Dave is still talking and he’s returning to the theme of fame.

“I’m not addicted to fame,” he says for second time. “I don’t love my picture being everywhere, but I’m at the level where I can’t do anything about it.”

It must be hard. Are you trapped?

“If I go to the shop and buy a couple of oranges, it’s on the front page of the newspaper,” says Dave. “If I speak Spanish, it’s headline news on Sky. What jeans am I wearing? What car am I driving?”

Whoaah! Steady on, Dave, one question at a time. And to answer them, we’ll have to ask your sponsors.

But it’s point taken. So, why not try living the simple life for bit and just getting on with your job?

No. Duh! Not playing football. Being Mr Posh Spice…’

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