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Ice Storm

by | 18th, January 2005

‘IF David Beckham wants so be alone and Omar Bakri Mohammed is looking for new country in which to settle, may we suggest they both head to Greenland.

”Try not to worry, girls, dad says Beckham can’t shoot for toffee”

The local football team could do with the injection of fresh talent and, as entertaining as snow falling is, the Islamic cleric might get a bigger audience for his one-man show.

Only, they’ll have to move quickly to avoid the rush because, the Express says, tourists will soon be flocking to the frozen land, paying £10,000 for the chance to shoot polar bears.

Under current legislation, only residents of the frozen country can shoot the bears, but the local tourist board has plans to change the rules.

This is not to everyone’s liking. And besides the bears being less than pleased with the proposed change in the law, people like Peter Anderson, a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, says that the authorities are “ignoring the rights of the polar bear”.

But others see an opportunity. And it might not be too long before British hunters are pulling on their jodhpurs and red coats, summoning their dogs and boarding planes to the world’s largest island.

“Tally ho!” as they will soon be saying in downtown Nuuk. “Death to the infidels!”’

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