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Who’s The Daddy

by | 19th, January 2005

‘NEVER let it be said that television executives do not pick up on the popular zeitgeist.

Riley and Feltz are to star in a new biopic on Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy

With the TV news and the papers full of images and stories about fighting in British town centres, the boffins at ITV have hit upon the genius idea of Saturday night Celebrity Wrestling.

Don’t panic! Vanessa Feltz will not be reprising the role made famous by Big Daddy as she bumps leotards with Lisa Riley’s Giant Haystacks.

This is a fight only open to female wrestlers who can fit comfortably into the prerequisite uniform of thong and bra.

And there’s Kate Lawyer, aka Wannabe Wanda, getting ready for fight night on cover of the Star, where she can be seen dressed in her trademark underwear-style battle garb.

There are also shots of feisty Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton in her white pants and Page 3 girl Leilani Dowding stripped and ready for action.

Others desperate to bite and scratch their way onto the box at prime time are revealed by the Mail to be in no particular order of any importance: former tennis player Annabel Croft, gushing TV presenter Jenny Powell and the ubiquitous Victoria Silvstedt.

And that’s not all because, in the spirit of the time, the lads will also be having a go on a Saturday evening, so look out for James Hewitt and Jeff Brazier, the man who wrestled Jade Goody… and lived!

It’s gonna be just great. As an ITVC spokesman tells the Mail: “The celebrities are not just competing for fun. There are points and pride at stake.”

And we know what pride comes before, don’t we? That’s right – a half nelson with full dragon screw leg whip and a fall into the crowd from the top rope.

Over to you, Kent Walton…’

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