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You ‘Orrible Little Man

by | 19th, January 2005

‘WHETHER or not Prince Harry had any help with his Art A-Level or not, he’s now in line for some private tutoring of a more obvious kind.


In the build-up to his stint at Sandhurst military college, the Prince will be torn off a (Nazi) strip by a fearsome Regimental Sergeant Major.

For the next four months, the Mail reports, the ‘orrible little man will be ordered to rediscover the discipline he has lost in what one “well-placed source” calls the “extended party” Harry’s been on for the past two years.

The plan is to run Harry ragged from morning until night, so leaving him with no energy to do anything other than sleep.

As this insider says, the young Royal will be drilled to “within an inch of his life” by the RSM, a type “renowned for their toughness and taking no prisoners”.

To the outsider, this drill master may seem not a little unlike the Nazis Harry likes to dress as – and nothing like the British Army which, a today’s broadsheets show, do like to take their prisoners and then abuse them for fun…’

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