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Curfew – What A Scorcher!

by | 19th, January 2005

‘IF the Army wants to crack down on the bad apples within its ranks, it should do as the Government is doing and introduce a curfew.

”Now sit there and think about what you’ve done!”

New Labour’s answer to any problem of an anti-social, and even criminal, nature is to ban people from going out of their houses after a certain time.

So, we are sure it is only a matter of time before other organisations follow suit.

The curfew is already in use as a way of stopping kids hanging around town centres at night and frightening little old ladies.

Now, says the Telegraph, the Lord Chancellor wants to extend its use to feuding parents who ignore court-imposed child contact orders.

Lord Falconer says the courts would still be able to imprison the defaulting parent, but that was very much the last resort.

Instead, they should be forced to do unpaid community work, pay financial compensation (where, for instance, the other parent had been forced to cancel a holiday) or be subject to a curfew.

While Batman and Robin jump up in joy on whatever bridge they are perched on this morning, we wonder where next for the Government’s sentencing policy.

In a bid to cut the prison population, may we suggest the liberal use of no dinner, grounding, detention and even – for some of the more serious offenders – lines.

“I must not be a serial killer, I must not be a serial killer…”’

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