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Belly Dancing

by | 20th, January 2005

‘SOMETHING even more likely to create a feeling of nausea than TV’s Den Watts in bed with a teenager is a trip to Turkey.

Jackie puts her face on without taking her old one off first

The Express has seen a report by Swedish author Karl Ekdahl in which he compared instances of campylobacter, one of the most common causes of diarrhoea, in holiday destinations.

And top of the steaming pile is Turkey, which boats 143 cases of the bug per 100,000 travellers. It is followed by Portugal (116), Bulgaria (110), Romania (87) and Spain (65).

The cleanest places are Finland (1), Norway (3), Iceland (4), Denmark (4) and Germany (5).

As for Britain, it was down the list in mid-table with 15 upset stomachs per 100,000 visitors.

Of those, at last 14 said they felt sick after seeing EastEnders, with the other one mumbling something about a dream involving Jackie Stallone and a gigantic pea pod…’

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