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by | 20th, January 2005

‘MANY Americans might like to believe the world stretches from New England to New Mexico, from Washington DC to Washington state – with a “There Be Monsters” sign over the rest.

”Please raise your left hand and repeat after me…”

But the world knows America and, says the Guardian, it doesn’t like what it sees at the moment.

As George Bush prepares to be sworn in for a second term in office today, a global opinion poll reveals grave fears about the next four years.

Of the 22,000 people in 21 different countries in all six continents who took part in the BBC World Service survey, 58% expected Bush to have a negative impact on peace and security.

Only 26% considered him a positive source and in only three countries – the Philippines, India and Poland – were his approval figures in the positive.

Even in the United States itself, Bush’s poll figures are nothing to shout about.

His job approval rating is +3 (50%-47%), with only Richard Nixon in recent memory starting out on a second term so unpopular.

It is not clear whether Tony Blair was among the 22,000 polled, but even he is suggesting that Bush should take a more consensual approach to international relations.

“It is significant, in my view” he said, “that he is coming to Europe as his first foreign visit.”

While there, Bush has a lot of bridges to build and a lot of fences to mend.

In Britain (traditionally America’s staunchest ally on this side of the Atlantic), 64% disagreed that the United States would have a mainly positive impact on the world.

In France, that figure was 75%, and in Germany (again a traditionally pro-American country) 77%.

Something for Bush to think about, maybe, as he opens his White House atlas and decides which countries to bomb…’

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