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Away Day

by | 20th, January 2005

‘WHEN OK! says how 2004 was “the best of times and the worst of times”, we understand fully.

”I’m off to see a woman about a dog”

Last year was less the tale of two cities and more the tale of two Darren Days, one the loving boyfriend of Suzanne Shaw, the other a celebrity bed-tester at the Travelodge chain of fine motels.

But that is no so much history, and in 2005 Darren and the blonde former-Hear’Say singer are looking forward to putting the past behind them and moving on.

And what better way to begin things afresh than with a new arrival?

Sure, their newborn son Corey is a few pounds of baby nirvana, but it’s the ten-page spread on OK! that will really set the 2005 ball rolling.

But before we can go on, OK! wants to catch up with all the gossip on what happened in that delivery room way back in December.

Suzanne talks about how her contractions were “regular” and how her 17-hour labour was “quite a complicated one”.

Darren waits to speak and then says how he was with her in the hospital the entire time. Well, he would have been had it not been for their dog which had been on its own for a long time.

This was too much for good-hearted, “incurable romantic” Darren to stand. “We decided I’d pop back and do that [feed and walk the dog]. I wasn’t going to be long.”

So Darren raced off. But time ticked by. “We were trying to get hold of him but he had his phone switched off,” says Suzanne.

It was going to take something longer than two shakes of his dog’s tail before Darren returned.

However, before Suzanne worried too much and began ringing around the hospitals, police stations and Travelodges in a frantic bid to locate her man, Darren was back.

But he might have to go off again – that’s the thing with Darren.

And in case he does Suzanne would like it to be placed on the record that although her son’s been named Corey Mackenzie Day, if they split up, it will be Corey Mackenzie Shaw.

And Darren will be moving out of their love nest and into a smallish roadside hotel…’

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