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On The Market

by | 20th, January 2005

‘FOR some years, we at Anorak have followed the wonderful career of TV star Joanna Taylor.

”And this is the shower”

We were there when she pulled on her first bikini and posed for the cameras. We were there when she pulled on her second bikini and posed for the cameras. We were there when she pulled on her third bikini and… well, you know the rest.

And having been sold Joanna (who we were later to see marry footballer Danny Murphy), we are now invited to make an offer on the Cheshire home she’s put on the market.

Joanna can’t wait to move down south to be with Danny. And just as soon as their five-bedroom home in Cheshire is sold, she can make the move.

So, come with us now as Joanna takes us through the keyhole into her splendid, tastefully decorated pad.

We begin in the lounge where Joanna (jeans, sandals, blouse and blonde hair) perches on the edge of her coffee table.

Then it’s to the spotless kitchen, in which Joanna (darker jeans, bare feet and multi-flecked cape) perches on the edge of another table (model’s own).

While she talks of her wedding and how after the ceremony was done she could not stop crying, we peer around the corner and up the stairs.

Joanna, with barely a pause for any kind of thought, takes the hint and moves effortlessly to accompany us.

And so we are in the master bedroom, where Joanna (shocking pink negligee, bare feet and hair tied up) lounges against the four-poster bed.

And soon she’s on it. The outfit is the same, but in this shot we get to see the leopard-print bedspread and the arrangement of lilies that sits seductively on the window ledge.

Now it’s back down the stairs for a final look at Joanna’s fixtures and fittings (she wears silver high heels and diamante dress) and her beige carpets.

And – know what? – we think we’ll make her an offer. So, come on, Joanna, how’s about it? How much to see your bikini?’

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