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A (Natasha) Joy To Behold

by | 20th, January 2005

‘THE main toilet wall here at Anorak Towers contains many pictorial memories of the epic times we’ve had along the way.

”Hide the rod and spoil the child”

But above the signed pictures of Anthea Turner on fire, John Leslie in tears and Dale Winton being spray painted a deep orange at his local Ford dealership, there is the Tania Bryer montage.

Our intention when we began the wall was always simple – to chronicle the birthdays of the presenter’s wonderfully unspoilt and delightful daughters, Natasha Joy and Francesca.

And once again we and OK! were there to witness another milestone passed as Natasha turned six.

And what better place for a birthday bash for the precocious scamp than Marco Pierre White and Frankie Detorri’s Italian Bar and Grill in London’s Knightsbridge.

And as with so much of Tania’s life, the party had a theme – this one was ‘disco diva’.

And that meant lots of dancing and a visit from a boyband called Ladz, an ensemble that have escaped our keen radar but we are assured are as exclusive as Natasha’s party dress.

How else would they have, in Tania’s words, left everyone “mesmerised”?

Of course, we know what it is to stare goggle-eyed in apoplectic wonder as three-year-old Francesca shows off her Roberto Cavalli dress and practises that self-satisfied haughty gurn that will guarantee her entry into all the best champagne children’s dos.

The photos from which will give us something to paper over the crack in our wall for years to come…’

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