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Daddy’s Girl

by | 20th, January 2005

‘WALFORD women aren’t known for their brains (even Ian Beale’s managed to find four of them who’ll sleep with him) but Zoe Slater takes stupidity to a whole new level.

Some more fishy acting

In order to keep her boyfriend from running off with his sister, she lied to Dennis and told him that she was pregnant with his child. Having grown up without a father himself, Dennis agreed to stay with Zoe – “for the sake of the kid”.

It’s only just occurring to Zoe that she’s now got seven months to present Dennis with a baby, otherwise he might cotton on to the fact that she’s been lying to him. Unfortunately for Zoe, Dennis is refusing to sleep with her, so short of praying for a miracle in which she’s chosen as the second Virgin Mary (Jesus Slater – now there’s an image), it looked like her lie was going to be very short lived.

How lucky then that Dirty Den has offered to sleep with her so that she can get pregnant. Well, not lucky for the six million or so viewers who’ve had to endure the sight of the rancid old goat pawing and leering at Zoe like Albert Steptoe after a stroke.

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Zoe that even if she does manage to get knocked up by the pensioner, she’s told Dennis that she’s already two months pregnant. Zoe will have bigger worries to deal with later this week though when Dennis walks in on her in bed with her father.

Obviously any sane person when having an affair would book a hotel room, but not in Walford. All extra curricular activities have to take place in the marital bed to increase the chances of getting caught.

According to the tabloids, Dirty Den is going to be murdered by person or persons unknown and buried under the Queen Vic. Well, with such an old pub, it could probably do with propping up with some extra wood.

Sam Mitchell’s love life is looking on the up though. Since Sam lost the Mitchell empire (a nasty little garage, half a snooker hall and a backstreet pub), she’s actually become a much nicer person – working in the chip shop and learning about humility.

Unfortunately her taste in men is as bad as ever, having unwittingly married an East End gangster (and one that can’t act at that), she’s now dating Danny Moon. Danny is supposed to be Walford’s new ‘hot headed, wide boy heart-throb’ but unfortunately producers have cast someone who looks like a mangey bulldog chewing a wasp.

Still, Sam seems happy enough to stick her tongue down his throat, much to the despair of Minty.

Billy Mitchell’s relationship with Little Mo also looks in trouble. Billy is finding it hard to bond with his ‘son’ Freddie and it looks like Alfie is more than happy to step into the breach. Little Mo and Alfie have been desperately trying to avoid each other since their Christmas kiss under the mistletoe but as Walford is made up of one shop, one pub and two streets, that was never going to happen.

Later this week Billy convinces himself that there’s something going on between his wife and brother-in-law and punches Alfie in the face outside his house. Now that’s a doorstep challenge.’

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