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Brit Of A To Do

by | 21st, January 2005

‘THE soulless warehouse has been booked, a faded star has been exhumed from the record store’s bargain bucket of death to be awarded a lifetime achievement award and a walking mouth has been hired to present.

The bouncers

Welcome to the Brits!

But there will something missing from the mix this year as the Sun reports that Kerry McPadding-Katona is persona non grata.

Kerry has been barred. Her name is on the list, but it’s not the list that allows her access to all backstage areas and to mingle with the talent – it’s the list on which are written the names of those not wanted.

And this is not because the organisers want to avoid any trouble.

You see, the Sun says, Kerry’s estranged husband Brian McPadding has been invited to the do, along with his new girlfriend, Delta Goodrem.

As a source tells the paper: “Kerry has not been sent an invitation. Brian and Delta are coming as a couple and they get priority because they are pop stars.”

Which leaves Kerry outside in the cold, pleading with the bouncers to let her inside and forlornly asking them to explain that if she’s not a pop star, then what is she…’

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