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Honey Trap

by | 21st, January 2005

‘“TELL ‘em about the honey, mummy. Mummy? Oi, get your hands off me. I want my mummy to tell ‘em about the honey. Get off me. HELP!!!”

A revolution has begun

But as the Honey Monster is bundled into a van in the middle of the night with his friends Tony The Tiger and Ronald McDonald, there will be no-one to tell us about the honey.

The European Union will see to that under its plans to curb the advertising of junk food to children.

The Times reports that the three advertising legends are likely to be just most high-profile casualties of the crackdown designed to tackle widespread obesity on the continent.

European Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said Brussels would legislate unless the food industry took action voluntarily.

“I would like to see the industry not advertising directly to children,” he said.

However, rather than banning the Honey Monster, Tony and Ronald outright, one suggestion is to send them off for re-education.

They could then return to our screens trumpeting the delights of healthy diet to a whole new generation of kids.

“It’s grrrrrapes…” – as a slimmed-down version of Tony The Tiger says.’

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