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by | 21st, January 2005

‘IT takes a special kind of political event – and a special kind of politician – to overshadow the inauguration of the President of the United States.

Kilroy’s halo is a terrific tanning aid

But what is Robert Kilroy-Silk if not special?

And the Guardian says he “threw Britain’s right-wing fringe into disarray” last night after he announced that he was leaving the UK Independence Party.

Not just Britain’s right-wing fringe, but surely the very axis around which the politics of the world revolves.

Did not CNN cut into its coverage of President Bush’s speech to bring its audience the breaking news from Hinckley Golf Club?

Did not Fox News, fair and impartial as ever, praise Kilroy as a patriot and a staunch ally in the war on terror?

And did not the limb-amputators, women repressors and suicide bombers at Al-Jazeera tremble as they relayed rumours that the former talkshow host would now start his own political party?

All that may be so, but it is to the Guardian we again turn to learn the reasons behind the man with the tan’s defection.

UKIP was, he told the golf club bores that made up his audience, in the hands of a “self-serving cabal” responsible for “squandering a golden opportunity”.

Actually, under studio lights, the opportunity looked rather more orange than it did golden last night – but the tongue delivering the words was unmistakenly silver.

“I will advise people not to vote for the party,” said the Rip Van Winkle of the sunbed. “To do otherwise would be dishonest, to pretend the party has a purpose – when in fact it is a charade, an empty vessel.”

Just not empty enough or big enough a vessel to accommodate Kilroy’s massive ego…’

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