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by | 25th, January 2005

‘TODAY’S papers read like the transcript from a middle-class dinner party: immigration followed by education followed by housing.

Government’s plan to help first-time buyers

And since we’re on the dessert, it’s time to look at the Government’s latest plan to enable us all to own our own homes without first selling our children and some spare organs.

Amid evidence that 400,000 first-time buyers can afford a wigwam in Shetland – to share! – John Prescott has come up with an idea.

The Times reports that the Prime Minister will not make everyone live in their cars or share one of his residences; rather, he’s revealed plans to create starter homes for 15,000 people on 100 former hospital sites.

And these new homes will cost a mere £60,000 each.

The sums are pretty simple – buyers will pay 60% of the market price for their homes and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister will own the land worth the remaining 40%.

But while this sounds like a decent enough deal for some, the Telegraph wonders if it is it possible to build a house for so little.

And after many words of deliberation, the paper produces a graphic to show that with the right amount of paint-thinner, plastic screws and plywood walls it is.

And with Prezza as your landlord, how can it fail?’

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