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Renee’s Heartburn

by | 25th, January 2005

‘FROM Beyonce through Charlize Theron and right down to Calista Flockhart, the fashion of weight is a rollercoaster ride marked with all manner of chocolate dips, cherry loops and moments where you happily barf your guts out.

”One day, I’ll be this size…”

And news is that Renee Zellweger’s weight is falling faster than you can say ”No thank you, I’m wheat intolerant”.

According to the Enquirer, the magazine that claims to know about such matters, the actress is so stressed out over the end of her love affair with White Stripes singer Jack White that she’s not eating as much as she should.

Whereas we once saw the fulsome star of Bridget Jones, we now have to strain our eyes to catch a glimpse of Zellweger’s ”frown, hunched shoulders and malnourished look”.

She is now a ”stick-like” size 2(!), her weight hovering around the 100lb mark, which, according to Dr Stacey Title, is ”unhealthy”.

The rest of the article uses words like ”insecure”, ”obsessed”, ”emotional crisis”, ”devastated”, ”deeply depressed”, ”inner pain” and ”sadness”.

And we need to highlight those bits (warnings, if you will) because most of American womanhood is still stuck on the fact that there exists someone in their country who is a size 2 – and that is a thing to be envied…’

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