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Harry Hammered

by | 26th, January 2005

‘HAD Samantha Amos not been one of Britain’s top rumpologists, we might have suspected that her fortune telling had more to do with eBay than ESP.

Made from 100% wood

For, the Sun says that the three-bedroom house the Beckhams shared when they got engaged is up for sale on the online auction site.

The property in Worsley, near Manchester, which comes complete with the curtains that Victoria chose, is on offer for £450,000 – but has yet to receive a bid.

Not so the Prince Harry Nazi doll, which are changing hands at more than £50 each.

Toymakers have rushed out a replica doll, which (the Star says) comes complete with realistic swastika armband.

”It’s really popular,” an eBay source said. ”The dolls are really professionally made. The designer has clearly done his homework.

”Harry has bright red hair and it is clearly wearing the uniform of the German army.

”In fact the only difference between Prince Harry and the doll is that it doesn’t have a cigarette permanently clasped in its mouth, a drink in its hand and doesn’t spend its time trying to bash photographers.”

Other dolls in the Royal collection include Prince William in an Aston Villa kit, Prince Charles in a kimono and The Queen in bondage gear.

Manufacturers said they had been approached to make a doll of Prince Edward in a Royal Marines uniform, but dismissed it as in bad taste…’

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