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A Nanny State

by | 27th, January 2005

‘WE often hear it said that we live in a ”nanny state”.

”And I want private health insurance and a car allowance”

And the clear assumption is that this is a bad thing. Being told what to do and when do to it are not the marks of a confident, mature society.

Only, many of us quite like the idea of nanny taking care of things.

And we say roll on the day when a Government inspector dressed in blue stockings and bonnet is detailed to wipe our dripping noses, give us a cuddle when we feel low and tuck us in bed of a night, perhaps with a story or two.

But today we are disappointed to read in the Times that even in our cosseted world there is a shortage of nannies. Truth be told, we’ve run out.

One reason for this condition is the poor wages paid to the people charged to look after our littlest ones. The average pay for a childcare worker is now…£7,800 a year.

This is hardly an inducement to take up a job that involves wiping various noxious substances from the cheeks – both front and rear – of other people’s children.

And this staffing shortage is fuelling a rise in the cost of childcare. Last year, the cost of placing a child under the age of two in a nursery rose by 5.2% to £142 a week.

And there was a more acute hike in London and the South East, where the cost of getting little Harry a place has soared by 17% to stand at £197 a week, according to figures produced by the organisation Daycare Trust.

Having a child, as one mother tells the Guardian, is ”like having a second mortgage”.

And she makes a good point, but unlike a property, letting out the nippers to help make ends meet out is somewhat frowned upon…’

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