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Maria’s Own Goal

by | 28th, January 2005

‘THEY say that there’s no fool like an old fool and in Martin’s case he’s very definitely both.

”I bet you’re good in the box”

Martin has agreed to stand by Katy in spite of the fact that she’s told him that she deliberately got herself pregnant in order to trap him into marriage.

“Let’s just keep this to ourselves for a while,” Martin said resignedly, for once showing a bit of commonsense or rather self-preservation. Tommy, Katy’s hot-headed father, isn’t going to take too kindly to find out he’s about to become a grandfather.

Charlie is another Street resident who’s attended the George W Bush school of negotiation skills (attack first, justify later).

Dev discovered that Charlie was fiddling the books on the rebuilding of the shop and fired him. Charlie was convinced that it was Shelly who had told Dev about his dodgy dealings and decided to take his anger and frustration out on her.

“Yer always interferin’ in my life,” he screamed at her. “Yer don’t deserve me,” he continued, “and yer don’t deserve these.” And with that he yanked the diamond earrings he gave Shelly for Christmas out of her ears, storming out leaving her bleeding and shellshocked.

Most normal women would have packed his bags and changed the locks but not Shelly – she ended up apologising to Charlie. “I’m sorry I drive yer to these things,” she whimpered.

Charlie isn’t through with punishing Shelly, however – he decides to humiliate her even more by putting up a poster in The Rovers so that everyone can see exactly how much she weighs and how much she has or hasn’t lost. A bit like a Blue Peter Appeal but without the appeal.

Tyrone is also in for a relationship shock soon when he discovers that Maria has been playing away with a footballer.

Poor Tyrone has only just won Maria back – through a combination of stalking and begging – and now he’s about to lose her again to a team mate of Warren’s called Stuart. Stuart is everything Tyrone isn’t – charming, rich, stylish and a user of women.

Later this week Stuart shows Maria his tackle before casually announcing that he’s not looking for a relationship because he’s already got a girlfriend.

Poor Maria, she’s clearly been taking lessons from Sally Webster who also believes that the only way to get on in life is to get under a man.

Sally’s affair with her boss Ian is shaping up nicely for a classic Corrie confrontation. Kevin’s already nearly caught them once when he turned up to the office unannounced to pick up his wife.

As Ian’s discovered, it’s really not very hard to pick up Sally – just give her a cheque for five hundred pounds.’

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