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Father And Son

by | 28th, January 2005

‘THEY do say that you should be careful what you wish for, in case it comes true. Well, that’s definitely the case for poor stupid Zoe.

”Yeugh! It’s ginger”

Zoe has been absolutely desperate to get pregnant in order to keep Dennis, so desperate she’s been sleeping with the oldest man in the world, Dennis’ father Den.

Since “’is Princess” left Walford, Den has been determined to make those he blames for her departure suffer. He’s successfully lured Zoe into sleeping with him and now he’s managed to drive Dennis out of the Square by making sure he caught Den and Zoe in bed together.

Zoe may be the most attractive woman in Walford (admittedly not a difficult title to win) but she’s by far the most stupid. Not only does she agree to sleep with Den, she does it in her own bed, just yards away from where Dennis works.

“I only did it fer you,” sobbed Zoe when a sickened Dennis caught her in bed naked with his own father. “I fort it was the only way of keepin’ yer,” Zoe continued with her bizarre Slater logic.

Not surprisingly, Dennis swiftly packed his bags and walked out of Walford but not before making sure he’d told Den’s wife Chrissie exactly what her husband had been up to.

For reasons of her own, the big-permed one has decided to keep that information to herself and is pretending to Den that everything’s fine. Zoe, however, has fallen to pieces and has moved back in with the Slater clan – hasn’t the poor girl been punished enough?

Mo has been trying to get her excited about her ‘pregnancy’, but that’s just making Zoe even more depressed as there is no baby – or so she thinks. Because Zoe has indeed got exactly what she wished for as later this week she finds out she is pregnant with Den’s child.

“The only reason Sharon slept with you is because you reminded her of me,” sneered Den to his son, giving us a worrying glimpse into his sewer mind. Thank goodness Zoe decides to have a termination.

Little Mo also has her own family problems to worry about when Billy admits that he hates baby Freddie and walks out on her.

Billy decided to go and visit rapist Graham in prison to ask him to stop his mother writing to Little Mo and leave them alone. Because a convicted rapist is likely to be a reasonable person, isn’t he?

Not surprisingly, Graham simply sneered at Billy and told him that he’d be seeing a lot more of him once he was let out. Billy decided that as much as he loved his wife, he could never bring up someone else’s son – especially one that was probably going to turn out ginger.

More families are imploding this week as Patrick turns to the bottle when he discovers his worst fear are confirmed and his son, Paul, is dead. New bad boy, Jimmy, made sure that Paul’s body was discovered by the police as a warning to Andy and the Moon brothers.

Patrick is convinced that Andy murdered Paul and is determined to bring him to justice: a sort of one man A-Team.

EastEnders producers are desperately trying to turn Walford into The Sopranos, but their gangsters are about as hard as the Sun’s ‘coffee break’ crossword.’

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