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From TV To CV

by | 28th, January 2005

‘GONE are the days when kids turned to their parents or even careers advisers for guidance on what to do after they leave school.

”A threesome?”

These days, a report says, teenagers are turning to television for inspiration – and they all apparently now want to become chefs, spies or forensic scientists.

The Star says many youngsters are dismissing old favourites such as media and advertising as ”too boring” – with more than 80% saying they get careers advice from TV dramas instead.

Amy Collis, of recruitment consultants Office Angels, said TV was causing a new trend towards exciting dynamic careers.

”Being challenged and having a varied role,” she says, ”is now more attractive than a high salary.”

Of course as most kids literally don’t know their gluteus maximus from their humerus and can’t even spell lasagne, far less cook it, they have as much chance of becoming forensic scientists or chefs as Chris Moyles has of becoming an underwear model.

But of course it all depends on what they watch on TV.

If they were to go down to Safeway and buy a DVD of The Pajama Game, the hit 1957 musical starring Doris Day and John Raitt, they may pick up a few ideas…on a career as a porn star.

For the Mail reports that that the £2.99 disc contained not the wholesome exploits of Doris & co, but an assortment of Latin lovelies in various stages of undress.

Devout Baptists Alan Leigh-Browne and his wife Anne were shocked when they settled down with a cup of tea at their home in Wellington, Somerset, for a matinee performance.

”We knew something was amiss when a warning flashed up on screen advising under-18s not to carry on watching,” said the 67-year-old Mr Leigh-Browne.

”Then some topless young women appeared and started talking in Italian. We were horrified – it’s not what you expect from a Doris Day film.”

It seems that, instead of The Pajama Game, an Italian soft porn film called Tettone Che Passione (Breasts Of Passion) had been recorded on the disc.

”My wife and I were very shocked,” Mr Leigh-Browne said, ”but we watched it until the end because we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

In fact, so traumatised was Mr Leigh-Browne by the experience that he had to get up in the middle of the night to watch it a couple more times.

And he’s also updated his CV just in case anyone in the area is looking for the services of a sexagenarian stunt cock…’

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