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A Bit Undercooked

by | 28th, January 2005

‘WHILE looking for the next venue for the discussion on African poverty, Tony Blair, Hollywood stars and the great and good have many places from which to choose.

”Alfresco dining at its finest”

And what better place to begin the search than the famous Michelin Red Guides, those French bibles of culinary excellence?

However, Tony and his fellow saviours of mankind must be warned that not all is as it appears.

And if they have in their possession this year’s tome on the restaurants of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, they should take note.

The Times reports that 50,000 copies of the guide have been pulped after it was discovered that a restaurant featured in the book was commended in print before it had even been built.

Michelin had rated the Ostend Queen as worthy of two forks and a bib gourmand. As the paper tells its readers, this designates ”excellent food at a moderate price”.

Sadly, the reviewers failed to take the room into consideration, which at the time of the supposed appraisal, resembled a building site – which, in actual fact, is what it was.

It seems that Michelin’s editor overlooked the fact that this eatery did not yet exist because, the Telegraph says, the venue listed the ”legendary Belgian chef” Pierre Wynants as an official patron, and that was enough.

The restaurant’s owner, Fernand David, speaking with no little candour, reveals that the Ostend Queen had reached an agreement with Michelin’s editors to allow the place to appear in the 2005 edition ”without having to wait a year” – or cook any food, build any kitchen or hire any staff…’

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